Pool Table Repair Arlington VA

Pool tables are a serious investment, and as such should be taken care of well. The occasional repair service will do you table worlds of good and allow it to last a whole lot longer. With our repair service your table will be a pleasure to play.

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    Pool Table Levelling

    If you want the pool balls to roll evenly across the surface of your pool table, you’ll need a level playing field. Our leveling services will ensure that you’re all set with a perfectly level pool table, with no hills or valleys anywhere so you can play even, fair games.

    Pool Table Refinishing

    The majority of pool tables are made up mostly of wood, and wood needs to be taken care of. If you want your pool table to look good, you’ll need a refinishing once in a while to freshen it up. Lucky for you, that’s one of our specialties.

    Pocket Repair

    Pockets can often take a lot of beating, and need to be cared for as well. We’ve got all the tools and knowledge to fix your pockets up and get them looking good and working better. And in the case that they’re very badly damaged, we’ve got a selection of pool table pockets you can choose from to replace the old ones.

    Cushion Repair

    We know how to work with all different types of pool tables, and are able to replace the cushion rubber on them easily. There are many reasons you might need to get the rubber replaced; getting an upgrade in quality, due to damage, or simply to replace old rubber.

    Bumper Repair

    Good bumpers means a good game. Without them you can’t do any bounce shots and it takes a huge dynamic out of the game. Our service specializes in bumper repair and replacement, enabling you to play the game right.

    Frame Repair

    We provide top quality frame repair, dealing with any and all inconsistencies, damage, and restoring your table’s frame to full beauty and functionality. We’re not just talking about a little wood glue and nails. We may attention to detail and know what a good frame needs to look like. We’re available to bring your pool table frame back to its former glory.

    Slate Repair (under the felt)

    Repairing the slate is an important part of keeping the playing surface level. It takes a lot of study and practice to perfect slate repair skills, and that’s exactly what we’ve got! We know what we’re looking for when we get there and are able to spot problems and eliminate them efficiently.

    Rails repair

    The rails encompass the whole circumference of the table and need to be in good condition to keep your table strong and healthy.

    Give us a call today and get us to come down and fix your pool table for you. Whatever the problem may be, we’ve got the answer!