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The playing surface of your table is one of the most important parts of any pool table, and it needs good quality felt that’s been properly laid in order to play good, even games. The last thing you want are wrinkles and bubbles in your felt, as this can completely ruin your experience. Many of you may have that one neighbor that always says “Oh, that? That’s easy! We’ll have a couple of beers and do it ourselves one day.” Unfortunately that’s exactly the way you get an unevenly laid felt.

By getting us to tackle your refelting, and properly felting a pool table, you’re ensuring that you’ll have a functional pool table surface for the foreseeable future.

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    Pool table re-cushion

    While you’re getting your felt replaced, you might want to go for a cushion replacement as well. Just because the felt takes most of the punishment doesn’t mean your cushion’s going to be in good condition. Cushions very often get neglected as most of the focus ends up on the felt. So why not go the extra mile and get your cushion replaced while you’re already there? It’ll make your gameplay a whole lot smoother.

    Billiard Table cloth application

    Each and every pool table owner needs to consider getting a new cloth installed on their table sooner or later. For those who play casually, a Teflon nylon felt will usually do. But we also have a high speed worsted felt cloth to choose from that will elevate your game play and give you more control of what your do in-game. Pool table cloth replacement, pool table felt replacement, or however you call it, we can recover your pool table expertly so it looks like new!

    Custom color pool table cloth installation

    Most people opt for getting the standard green felt, which is not a bad choice. But there are a whole myriad of choices you can go for if the green isn’t really sitting well with you. Go take a look at our color options to get a little picture of what your table could look like.

    We’ve got all kinds of colors, from Navy Blue to Red Brick, Steel Gray, Olive Green, Fuchsia, Chartreuse and Dusty Pink.

    If any of these sound good, then go on and give us a call and we can work out all the details!