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- Pool Table Repair Falls Church VA

- Pool Table Refelting Falls Church VA

- Pool Table Moving Service Falls Church VA

- Assembly and Disassembly 

- Pool Table Installation Falls Church VA

- Pool Table Leveling Falls Church VA

- Pocket Repair, Bumpers and Rails Repair Falls Church​​ VA

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    Why We Love ​Falls Church VA

    Of the towns we service with our pro pool table moving, Falls Church is among them.

    Falls Church is a quaint little place with a population just shy of 15 thousand. But even though it’s small it’s got its share of history. As a matter of fact, you can visit plenty of interesting historical sites in Falls Church, such as Mount Hope, Birch House and much more.

    There are a number of influential cultural institutions in Falls Church too. The Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society, for example, which has been around since 1885 when it was founded by Arthur Douglas.

    There’s beautiful nature Falls Church’s National Memorial Park where you can also find a magnificent sculptor made by Swedish sculptor, Carl Milles. The statue is called The Fountain of Faith.

    A great number of notable people also made their homes in Falls Church at some point in their lives. Among them are cartoonist Nick Galifinakis, professional baseball player Fred Talbot, political activist Mohamed Soltan, actress Jane Brucker, and conceptual artist Allan Bridge just to name a few.

    Falls Church also shows up in popular culture. In the famous TV show “The Americans,” the family of the main characters are set to live in Falls Church.

    Falls Church is a great place, and we’re honored to say that we can provide our pool table moving services to those who live there. So for any of you in Falls Church with a pool table that needs refelting or moving, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! You can do so through filling out the form which you’ll find here on our website, or by simply giving us a call! We look forward to being of service.