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- Pool Table Repair Fairfax VA

- Pool Table Refelting Fairfax VA

- Pool Table Moving Service Fairfax VA

- Assembly and Disassembly 

- Pool Table Installation Fairfax VA

- Pool Table Leveling Fairfax VA

- Pocket Repair, Bumpers and Rails Repair Fairfax​ VA

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    Why We Love ​Fairfax VA

    Another one of the cities we provide our pool table moving service to is Fairfax.

    The City of Fairfax, known colloquially as Old Town Fairfax or often just Fairfax, has about 25 thousand residents and was named after the 6th Lord of Cameron, Thomas Fairfax, who was a British lord to whom the surrounding land was granted by the King of England before the War for Independence. This makes it not only a beautiful town, but a piece of history.

    The city holds a whole slew of annual events, among them being the Chocolate Lovers Festival, where you can find wonderful children’s activities, open houses for local historic buildings, craft shows, and of course a variety of vendors selling delicious products made of chocolate.

    You’ve also got the Fairfax Civil War Day, where an annual re-enactment of battles in the Civil War takes place. Here you can also learn things about the people and practices in the Civil War era, as well as watch a demonstration of drills, military muster, and firing weapons from the war.

    There are all sorts of other great events, like the annual Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts, Irish Festival, etc. This city really has a great community!

    As a resident of Fairfax, not only have you got a great community, but you’ve also got access to our fantastic pool table moving service! With our help you’ll be able to comfortably move you pool table from one place to another without the stress of possible damage.

    So give us a call today! You can also get us to contact you by filling out the form we’ve got on our website.