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We provide the following services: 

- Pool Table Repair Alexandria VA

- Pool Table Refelting Alexandria VA

- Pool Table Moving Service Alexandria VA

- Assembly and Disassembly 

- Pool Table Installation Alexandria VA

- Pool Table Leveling 

- Pocket Repair, Bumpers and Rails Repair

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    Why We Love Alexandria VA

    Although our pool table maintenance and moving service is based in Arlington, we are also available for hire in many of the surrounding towns and cities, one of those being the city of Alexandria.

    With a population of approximately 160 thousand, Alexandria is one of the major cities close to the US capital, Washington DC.

    The city has a long history of libraries, starting back in 1794 when a hundred and nineteen men were involved in circulating books through what was later to be called the Library Company of Alexandria. Throughout the years many prominent libraries and organizations for information were founded in Alexandria, including the Alexandria Library Association, the Barrett Library, and more.

    Since the city id so close to the capital, one of the main employers of its citizens is the United States Department of Defense, making Alexandria an important part of American administration.

    Alexandria has many beautiful landmarks, such as the George Washington Masonic Memorial, Robert E. Lee’s childhood home, Little Theatre of Alexandria, John Carlyle House, Gadsby’s Tavern, Christ Church, and the Torpedo Factory Art Center, just to name a few.

    Alexandria holds a popular event during Christmastime called the Scottish Christmas Walk. It was first established in 1969 and involves a parade which goes through the Old Town and celebrates the Scottish heritage of the city.

    So if you’re lucky enough to live in this beautiful town, then you are in our zone of operation and are eligible for our pool table moving and refelting service. Whether you need to take your pool table apart for storage or simply to move it from one place to another, we’re the guys for the job.

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