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    Pool Table Movers Arlington VA

    Welcome to Pool Table Service Pros Arlington Virginia! We are amongst the best pool table service VA has to offer, dealing with billiards tables of all types. We specialize in any service you might need for your pool table, from installation and set up to table moving and refelting. If there’s one thing we know, it’s pool tables!

    Our Services include: 

    • Pool Table Moving Services
    • Refelting and Recovering
    • Installation and Set up
    • Disassembly and Reassembly

    **We do not service coin-operated tables, or non-slate tables.

    We do not provide in-home estimates, we are able to provide you with a moving quote over the phone. Please call for our rates, or simply fill out a request form. Serving Northern Virginia.

    Pool Table Service Arlington Virginia

    Our crew is made up of experienced pool table experts who have all had to deal with all kinds of scenarios and are ready to tackle whatever problem you may be having with your billiards table. We’re here to make sure that your table gets the care it needs, and that it’s in perfect working conditions so you can get back to enjoying good games on it as soon as possible.

    Among our available services, we offer a full set up and installation for new pool tables (or pool tables being taken out of storage), refelting and leveling, and pool table moving for those who are moving into a new place or simply want their table moved to another location.

    You can count on us here at Pool Table Service Pros Arlington VA to tackle the moving project for you, and during reassembly we can expertly install new felt and get your pool table leveled and set up so it’s ready for play.

    ​Best part is that we offer virtual and over the phone estimates, that way you can get a quote for the cost before we come out.

    Pool Table Refelting Service

    Is your pool table starting to look a little old and beat up? Well, there’s nothing like fitting new cloth onto the surface of your table to breathe new life back into it. A good felting job can not only make your table look brand new, but make games go much more smoothly and make the whole experience of playing pool a lot more enjoyable.

    If you choose to make use of our refelting services, you’ll have the pleasure of being able to pick out the color you like most from our selection of felt colors that we have to offer. A lot of people choose to go with the classic green, which is always an excellent choice, but if you’re looking to spice up the look of your game room a little then you could always go with one of the more original colors we have to offer like electric blue, steel gray, or gold. Felting for pool table is one of the top services we provide.

    It takes a professional hand and the right tools to properly execute a good refelting job. If you get into it without the knowledge and experience to do the job properly, you can easily end up with air bubbles or wrinkles in the cloth, making a good game of pool impossible to play. That’s why we’re here with our full arsenal of pro tools and years of experience on the job to get your pool table in top shape!

    Why Choose Us

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a pool playing professional or just a hobby player who enjoys a game from time to time with friends. I’m sure you can tell when a pool table is poorly leveled and will quickly realize how irritating it can be to play on a defective table.

    When you hire us, you’re not just hiring any old handymen. Our brand promises quality service and marked results. We’re here to turn your pool table into the game piece of your dreams and facilitate pleasant, fun and exciting games for you in the future.

    With us, you’ll have the added benefit of knowing each and every problem your table has and what we need to do to fix it. Maybe you’ll even learn something new along the way!

    We have a 100% success rate and have a crowd of satisfied customers behind us. We’ve worked with pool tables of all different builds and brands and are more than prepared to take care of yours. Whether it’s disassembly, leveling, moving, refelting, pocket replacement, cushion replacement, or whatever your pool table problems may be, we’ve got the solution and are ready to bring it to you quickly and efficiently. We service all of of Northern Virginia for Pool Table Moving and Pool Table Services!


    Best service ever! Fast and exceptional quality. I would recommend them to everyone who needs their pool table installed professionally.

    ​David G.

    I wanted to change felt color on my pool table, I found Pool Table Repair Arlington and so glad I did! Now I have an amazing new green felt on my pool table.

    ​Sarah R.

    We were moving into a new house and needed to move our pool table. It was moved quickly and installed in the new house with so much care.

    ​Steven D.

    Pool Table Moving Company Arlington VA

    Thinking of moving your pool table on your own might seem like a real daunting task, and it is! If you don’t know all about how a pool table functions, how all parts need to be protected and transported, it can be a real headache and you can end up with a damaged table. Transport of something so big yet delicate isn’t something you want to try and deal with on your own.

    But that’s why we’re here. You can rely on us to take care of all your pool table moving needs and get your table to its destination in perfect shape. Our job is to make the move for your pool table go as smoothly and easily as possible, and that’s exactly what we have the resources and abilities to do. With your help you’ll take all the stress out of the move, knowing that your pool table is in the good and reliable hands of professional pool table experts.

    Our pool table service is based in Arlington, Virginia, but we’re available for hire for anyone in the NVA area. We take pride in our work and can definitely say that we’ve gotten our pool table moving services down to an art. We’ve got a bunch of happy customers behind us and look forward to working with you!

    When to call for pool table service

    So you may be wondering “when is a good time to call for a pool table service?” Well that’s a very good question. There are several situations in which you might need to call for professional pool table experts to deal with your pool table related problems.

    If you notice your pool table is getting run down, you’re noticing scratches in the felt, or your pockets are getting worn down, the cushion is bouncing the balls as it should, then it’s probably time for you to make use of our pool table repair service.

    If you notice that your cue balls aren’t sailing across the surface as they should, there’s a possibility that something is crooked or unleveled underneath the felt. This is something that we can take care of easily with our know-how, tools and experience, but you shouldn’t try and fix it on your own as you could easily damage your pool table further and make it harder to repair.

    If you’re moving homes, or simply need your pool table transported from one place to another, this is another time when it would do you good to take advantage of our pool table moving services. We’re just a phone call away!

    Additional Services we provide: 

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    Our Service Area

    We service all towns and cities in the Northern VA area, providing pool table moving, refelting, assembly and installation, and more.

    Our service area includes: 

    ​Arlington, Washington DC, Falls ChurchAlexandria, Annandale, Fairfax, Reston, Tysons, Bethesda, Lorton, Vienna, Dunn Loring, Merrifield, Oakton, Great Falls, Burke, Mt Vernon, Hybla Valley, Groveton, Leesburg, Chantilly, Sterling, Ashburn, Belle Haven, Fredericksburg VA and more!

    So if you’re a resident of one of these towns then that means that you are eligible for our top quality pool table services.

    We’re available 7 days a week and are reachable through our phone number or e-mail. Even if all you need is a simple check up to see what conditions your pool table is in, we’re the guys to call. Once we’ve established what the problem is you can decide how you want to proceed. The good news is that we give out all our estimates for free to make things easier for the customers.

    So what’re you waiting for? Get in contact with us today! You can also fill out the form on our site here for a free quote.

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